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Saturday, 6 July 2013


Joly George     Saturday, July 06, 2013     0

                                     #1  FACEBOOK

                                       Facebook holds the 1st position with great popularity and features. They provide an interactive platform for reaching people. They have wide popularity all over the world. 
Alexa Traffic Rank-1*
Estimated MU Visitors-900,000,000          JOIN FACEBOOK

                                     #2  TWITTER

                                        Twitter holds 2nd position in this area. They have wide popularity over the world. But the most feedback is they does not provide opportunities  as Facebook Provides.
Alexa Traffic Rank-13*
Estimated MU Visitors-350,000,000          JOIN TWITTER

                                     #3  LINKEDIN

                                       Likedin provide different platform for its users. Mostly helpful for finding Jobs and Share. They have wide popularity due to its different features.
Alexa Traffic Rank-14*
Estimated MU Visitors-150,000,000          JOIN LINKEDIN

                                     #4  PINTEREST

                                        Pinterest is one of the other popular Social Networking site. They have very advanced features to reach people. They provide certain like sharing, Liking, commenting, posting...
Alexa Traffic Rank-43*
Estimated MU Visitors-90,000,000            JOIN PINTEREST

                                     #5  GOOGLE+

                                        Google+ Social Networking Site is an Product of Google Inc. They have been captured wide popularity at present. They provide Hangouts for online chating.
Alexa Traffic Rank-2*
Estimated MU Visitors-85,000,000            JOIN GOOGLE+

                                     #6  MYSPACE

                                      My Space has got wide popularity in this Field. They have a good platform and provide many features such as sharing pics,music,emotions....
Alexa Traffic Rank-343*
Estimated Unique Visitors-80,000,000       JOIN MYSPACE

                                     #7  DEVIANART

                                      Devianart has captured position #7 with good popularity. They provide an interactive platform for sharing the stuff.
Alexa Traffic Rank-144*
Estimated Unique Visitors-35,000,000       JOIN DEVIANART

                                     #8  LIVEJOURNAL
                                        Livejournal is an different platform more suitable for writers and readers. They have secured #8 position with wide popularity.
Alexa Traffic Rank-161*
Estimated Unique Visitors-30,000,000       JOIN LIVEJOURNAL


                                     #9  TAGGED

                                         They have secured position #9 with average popularity and they provide many different features. They provide a good platform to meet new people.
Alexa Traffic Rank-267*
Estimated Unique Visitors-25,000,000       JOIN TAGGED

                                     #10 ORKUT

                                       They had wide popularity in past but today their popularity level has gone down due the glory of Facebook, Twitter and other social networking sites.
Alexa Traffic Rank-6,569*
Estimated Unique Visitors-15,000,000       JOIN ORKUT


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